Hiba El Matni Najm

Who is Hiba?
Hiba is the Enologist at Domaine S. Najm in Chabtine, a village in the Batroun district of Lebanon.

Why/how did you get into wine? 
Coming from an agricultural community (I am originally from Damour) and having an agricultural engineering background, I was intrigued by the wine world and the encouragement from my husband pushed me forward.

Who’s a woman you look up to and why? 
My late mom. Even though she had a very tough job into raising us after the death of my father due to war, she never gave up and she installed so many valuables into our life. She taught us to live out life to the fullest without hesitation and always aim high.

What’s your superpower? 
I am resilient. I am a very calm but active person. I adore everything that is natural.