Aurelie Khoros

Who is Aurelie?
Aurelie is Marketing Manager at Lebanon’s Ixsir in Batroun.

Why/how did you get into wine? 
I got into wine by mistake. I use to work at an advertising agency on a portfolio of Banks and insurance considering I was a graduate in Economics. When IXSIR joined my client list, I got the chance to enter a new world, something that was continuously evolving – something that was never constant, that always varies. It depends on the man behind the wine, the weather, the soil, the grapes and so much more! The more I learned about wine, the more I wanted to know, this is when I decided to leave my job to join the team of IXSIR. Its been 8 years already, and now when I look back, I feel I was destined to get into wine by mistake!

Who’s a woman you look up to and why? 
All working mamas! I never expected it to be this hard! It is a sacrifice to leave my 4-month-old boy at home every morning, but I am sure it will be as rewarding to see him proud of me.

What’s your superpower?

Creativity! Finding a solution to problems with ideas that are out of the box.